Charlie O’Brien Voice

The radio pages have CKLW airchecks and photos from the Big 8 Detroit/Windsor – one of the all-time great radio stations where I’ve had the pleasure to work for quite some time. Not to be outdone, my time at CHUM has been very satisfying.

You’ll find audio from the Big 8 CKLW Radio Reunion Show as well. Three big hours of memories featuring some true broadcasting legends were aired on CKLW in October 2002. Michael MacNamara was filming the « Radio Revolution:Rise and Fall of The Big 8 » documentary at the same time and some of the Radio Reunion show is in the film. A big congratulations to Mike and Judy Holm for the film and the well deserved Gemini Award as best historical documentary. There are plenty of photos here on the site from the reunion and the local movie premiere.

1050 CHUM was also one of Canada’s great radio stations. It became Canada’s first rock and roll radio station on May 24, 1957. Sadly, 1050 CHUM left the music format for good in the spring of 2009.

Here on our page, you’ll find many audio remembrances from the « CHUM Remembers » series of broadcasts when they were switching to sports. We’ve included some CHUM jock photos as well as chart views. To get the real background read late CHUM Promo Director Allen Farrell’s excellent book: The CHUM Story (published by Stoddart.)